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the rice bowl collective.


what rice is... 

As three University students we moaned a-lot about deadlines, being stressed and our abilities to procrastinate despite having a whole 12,000 word dissertation due (apart from Hawwa because she is a nerd and finished it 2 months early).

As three small asian girls we moaned a-lot about the lacking curriculum and more than dodgy reactions of our University to incidents of racism. From this dissatisfaction, rice was born!

Originally a mini zine, it became a 70 page art book filled with art, writing and memes (although we got scared about being sued at the last minute so we posted the memes here for you).

  and rice...because well we all like rice.

yes rice is a yummy grain but what's that got to do with education- i hear you ask

Who are the rice bowl collective?

the art book was called rice so we ran with it and now we're a collective because we said so 😤



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The Indian and Pakistani artist, designer...intellectual and... she's also amazing at writing and creating poetry (how many talents can she have?!) You may know her under the name @hawwaetc.



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Rissat, also known as Emmy, is the Bangladeshi meme queen, (also an intellectual) writer and poet. She will never fail to find the funniest memes and make me laugh. Also she is very pretty and so smart, thank you.



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Lilina is me, I am frog, I am small, and I look pretty darn white but I promise I'm Japanese too! I made art and some writing for the zine and I wanna be as good at art as hawwa one day but for now I will just draw frogs.

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